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doctor who fanmix cover 1
a love that won't sit still: an ot3 fanmix

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∞ assassin's tango // john powell

∞ he's a keeper of the fire // buffy sainte-marie 

he can play it like a rainbow, baby / he can play it like a clown / he can play it like a river, baby / and he can follow you down

∞ dissolved girl // massive attack 

'cause it feels like i've been / i've been here before / you are not my savior / but i still don't go

∞ oh lately it's so quiet // ok go

whose house, are you haunting tonight? / aw. whose sheets you twist? / aw. whose face you kiss? / whose house are you haunting tonight?

∞ bang bang (my baby shot me down) // nancy sinatra 

seasons came and changed the time / when i grew up, i called him mine / he would always laugh and say / "remember when we used to play?"

∞ tragic magic // the view

and not a lot of people have the problems that they do / off load all your troubles they'll come running back to you / this life is a puddle but the goodness does occur

∞ fear and loathing // marina and the diamonds 

got different people inside my head / i wonder which one that they like best / i'm done with tryin' to have it all / and endin' up with not much at all

∞ madder red // yeasayer

'cause lately i have wronged you / 
and not been on your side, love
 / maybe i've been gone / 
please don't ask me why

∞ every time you go // ellie goulding

now i'm tired of trying to keep you / 
all i want to do is sleep / 
and perhaps when i'm sleeping / 
you'll get back on your feet

∞ to the love within // megapuss

to the love within that goes without saying anything / to the love without that goes about again and again and again

∞ stray italian greyhound // vienna teng

oh, no not now, please not now / i've just settled into the glass half empty made myself at home / and so why now? oh, please not now / i just stopped believing in happy endings, harbors of my own / but you had to come along didn't you? / break down the doors, throw open windows / oh, if you knew just what a fool you have made me


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