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Title: you’re a rich little boy (who’s had to work for his toys)
Fandom: movie-verse Avengers
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred
Word Count: ~3.6K
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Seriously.
Rating/Warnings: R, lots of swearing, violence, vague description of torture and permanent injury, ableist slur
Author's Note: A big, big thank you to [ profile] tygermama for reading this over and giving me the encouragement my fragile ego needed. Title is from this song.

Summary: Your name is Tony fucking Stark, and this is how it goes: Start, stop, start again. Rinse. Repeat.

you’re a rich little boy (who’s had to work for his toys) 

Once, you were a child with a heart of gold, or so the newspapers tell it. Precocious and beloved. That’s not what you remember. )
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Media: vid
Title: paint the stones as jewels for eyes
Vidder: snowdarkred
Rating: PG-13/R
Spoilers (if any): the whole series
Warnings (if any): violence, bodies, blood, etc. Everything you'd expect in a serial killer-esque!AU
Tumblr link: HERE

Summary: i've been around where water meets color / and it's a secret / and we paint the stones as jewels for eyes / and the birds of the day carry night

paint the stones as jewels for eyes

statues built on the bones of your friends  )
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Media: vid
Title: mad tom of bedlam
Vidder: snowdarkred
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers (if any): the whole series
Warnings (if any): nothing that isn't in the show
Tumblr link: HERE

Summary: these spirits white as lightning / did on that journey guide me / the sun did shake and the pale moon quake / whenever they did spy me

mad tom of bedlam

for they all go bare, and they live in the air / and they want no drink nor money  )


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Title: the hero of the story
Media: Vid
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers (if any): Up to 2x16
Warnings (if any): Contains some homophobic slurs, scenes of violence (from the show)
Song: Hero by Regina Spektor
Note: This vid is also embedded here on my tumblr.

the hero of the story
Kurt Hummel

i'm the hero of this story; don't need to be saved )

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Meme taken from [ profile] weird_fin , who got it from someone else, and so on:

I'm going to list, and tell you briefly about, ALL THE TABS I HAVE OPEN at this moment in time, without editing (except for work-related or privacy-related reasons, if I had them, but I don't. I just mean, if you do it, obviously, feel free to edit the really crucial stuff - just, it's not in the spirit of the game to edit for guilty pleasure reasons and the like).

1. everyone's bookmarks for Jaws, a Hawaii Five-0 fic
2. bergann's [tv]hawaii5oh bookmarks
3. cruciate's pairing:steve/danny bookmarks
4. my flist
5. my tumblr
6. my facebook, which I will not link to
7. You Mock Us, Sir! t-shirt that I really want but can't afford
8. James Loewen's Amazon page, because I want every book he's ever written
9. my class schedule for next quarter
10. my delicious account
11. a brownie in a cup recipe that I've already made, like, three times. It's okay.

My life. How exciting it is.
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Leave me a prompt (for a fandom/show/book/whatever that I am actually familiar with) and I'll write a drabble! And if anyone wants to get in on the action too, well, the more the merrier! 

Any pairing or non-pairing is fine; just be sensible about what I could write. We all know I'm wonderful, but I'm not that wonderful.  ;)

Suggested fandoms:
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter
White Collar
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock 2009
Tamora Pierce books (any)
Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America
The Losers
Criminal Minds
Robin McKinley books (any)
Gundam Wing
Law&Order: SVU
Limited RPF for STXI and SPN
Covert Affairs
His Dark Materials
(500) Days of Summer

Go crazy! I'll try to do my best! :D

ETA: Also, feel free to pimp this wherever. :D

Untitled, Avengers/Losers xover, gen
'Twas the Season, Protector of the Small, Kel/Dom
Mistletoe, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Lucky, SPN/STXI RPF, Pinto
Untitled Glee/SPN preview/snippet, gen
The Lowering Of; Provost's Dogs, Beka/Rosto
Soup, The Losers, Cougar/Jensen
A Father's Journal, Glee/SPN, slight hints of Puck/Kurt
Untitled, The Losers, celebrating the DADT repeal, J/C
Ready, Aim, Fire; The Losers, girl!C/J
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Arthur/Eames, Kurt/Blaine (?)

Summary or whatever: Kurt's mysterious cousin Arthur and his ambiguously gay British friend show up in Ohio to show Kurt an alternative method to dreaming a little bigger.

Kurt was in a fabulous cafe, decorated with a tasteful coffee theme and accented by dangling Christmas ornaments. )


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Title: and then we'll carry on again
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  575
Pairings: Sam/Sam, hint of Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: teen; swearing, kissing, head games, spoilers for the latest episode!
Author's Note:  THIS IS YOUR FAULT, [ profile] high_flyer87 !!! If you hadn't gone on about how much you wanted to see puppy interact with robo!Sam, I wouldn't have written this mess. >:| JK, love you and your awesomeness! <3 Originally posted here.

Summary: Sam feels like he's dreaming. Maybe he is. There's a voice floating in the back of his head that tells him that he should be dreaming, that what he is seeing now isn't be real, but when you've lived the life he has, that voice doesn't count for much.

and then we'll carry on again


"Why," the other Sam hisses. "Why are you so fucking important? What makes you so much better than me?"  )
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1. Yay! After almost a year of hemming and hawing, I finally got a paid LJ account! :D Yay! And I bought space for a bunch of icons, which I am still in the process of filling. And I love icons, so this is a happy day! \o/

2. I am writing a bunch of stuff right now, including the sequels to When the War Fires Fade and Project Super Soldier. I also have a couple of Inception fics and an Inception/Glee crossover thingy. I'm still wondering how that last one happened, but I'm just going to roll with it until this monster is finished. Which reminds me:

3. GLEE! :D I love it. (Disclaimer: I know it has Issues. I am aware of its Issues. I love it anyway.) fjdkla;fjdaklfjdal;afda KURT! BLAINE! QUINN! MERCEDES! SEASON ONE!RACHEL! (I kind of hate her for the first six or so episodes of S2, because it's like she forgot almost everything from the year before and got worse. D: What the hell happened to her character development?) Anyway, I love it, and I'm apparently writing a crossover thingy with it, and I don't even know. I'm just kind of floating at the moment, so.

4. Ugh, you guys, I owe you a huge rant on how much I really hate awkwardly running into exes while shopping with my mother. Because, frankly? It sucks. Especially when it happens multiple times ON THE SAME DAY, WTF.

5. Ha. So. The situation with The Boy. Yeah. It's not going anywhere. I don't think it's going to go anywhere. I am now stuck in this state of 'oh shit, we were kinda sorta maybe dating and now I don't know what to do because I don't want to be anything more than friends and I feel like I was leading him on even though I know I wasn't since I paid for all my own stuff and always referred to him as my friend, not my boyfriend, and I never held his hand or anything, but I still feel guilty, which is a bad feeling, because it probably means that I screwed up and I hate hurting people, even by accident.' *deep breath* WHAT DO I DO????

6. I am broke. Holiday shopping has killed my bank account, and I'm not even done yet. Arg, why did I go and make more friends this year? *headdesk*


LOOK AT THE ADORABLE. WATCH THE ADORABLE. :D (The bonus is that Blaine is being played by Harry freaking Potter, of A Very Potter Musical fame. And he's hot. Just sayin'.)

Heh. I showed this to my mom, and then we had this conversation:

Mom: So, are they ever going to have PDA, or are they just going to stare at each other adoringly?
Me: *takes a second to remember what PDA stands for* Eventually. Probably.
Mom: I hope they do--
Me: *blinks in surprise*
Mom: --because it would be a bitch move to just do the song but not the dance. If you know what I mean.
Me: *is horrified & amused* Well, considering Kurt just went through hell, I think they're planning on taking it slow.
Mom: Hmm.
Me: I mean, would you rather they built it naturally or just hopped into bed?
Mom: Good point.

In short: my mom is awesome.

PS: Please note that my friending request is still active. If you friend me, please comment.
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Title:  sugar doesn't solve problems, dear, you just wish it did
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  ~700
Pairings: girl!Jensen/Cougar
Rating/Warnings: PG. Swearing.
Author's Note: Movie!verse AU. Part of the alive with the glory of love 'verse. *waves* I've haven't forgotten you! I swear! I have a lot I still plan on doing in the girl!Jensen 'verse, not to mention that sequel to Project Super Soldier I have sitting on my computer. I just, uh, got distracted? This takes place after The Blow Job Incident and The Ear Incident, but before The Bolivia Disaster. So Roque is still a bastard, just not a traitorous bastard.

Summary: Jocelyn “Jake” Jensen doesn't want to think of her and Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez as star-crossed lovers, but she is beginning to wonder. Also, there is stress baking.

sugar doesn't solve problems, dear, you just wish it did


Jensen wasn't the kind of girl who stared out a window, sighing as she mused about the state of the universe.  )


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[ profile] anruiukimi  has already heard this, but....

I greatest wish is for BBC!John Watson to wear a great amount of knitwear in the upcoming S2 of Sherlock. I mean, seriously. Knitted scarves. MOAR knitted jumpers. WEE KNITTED HATS. WEE KNITTED MITTENS. SOCKS.

It's not that I have a knitwear fetish (not judging, but that thought is vaguely horrifying) or anything, it's just.... I find Martin Freeman!Watson to be painfully, painfully adorable. I mean, whenever I see him on screen, all I can think is 'OH! I just want to take him home and wrap him in blankets and bake him COOKIES and make him TEA!' And then I go into spasms about how cuddly and short and squishable and OMGOMGOMG CUTE! he is.

And I mean this all in a non-sexual way, of course; asexual here. He's just...disturbingly adorable to me. I mean, Martin Freeman is forty years old, what the hell is wrong with me?

But yeah. Him in that jumper in the first episode or that WEE STRIPED SHIRT OMGOMGOMG just about kills me every time. I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM, OKAY. DON'T DISRESPECT THE CUTIE. *flails*

....I think I have a problem?
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1. God, I hate Geico commercials. Seriously, that little lizard needs to die.

2. I took a picture! An awesome picture! That I posted here at my very neglected dA account! Check it out!

3. I started another Inception fic. I'm kind of hoping that I will wake up one day and discover that I have accidentally written my bigbang story. God, I hope so. That would make my life so much easier.

4. I went out to lunch. With a boy. It was raining. He offered to drive the car to the door so I wouldn't get wet. We had pizza at the best pizza place ever. :) It was nice.

5. Hoshi the dog is on a diet because my mom thinks she's fat. I just think that she's a square mutt.

6. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will go on a writing spree this weekend and finish some WIPs for a bunch of fandoms that I have sitting around. I hope so. It's kind of ridiculous, how much I don't have done. 
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1. I have no plans this weekend, other than a brief shift at work on Sunday. I rather like that. I traded Saturday next week for Halloween, so should I find a party to go to on the day itself, I can. The only thing I really want to do is sleep and write at least 3-5K on whichever Inception bigbang fic actually starts talking to me.

2. OMG, MY INCEPTION BB IS KILLING ME. I can't decide on what to write, and anything I try comes out wrong! I've written the starts of six different fics, I shit you not, and I am hating it. I don't know where any of it is going, or what I can do to fix it, and it's driving me insane. Just when I think I've worked out what I'm going to do, it DIES. ;_; I FAIL AT LIFE AND ALSO INCEPTION. Watch me as I weep.

3. I am so stupidly obsessed with this video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing Bad Romance, I can't even BEGIN to tell you. It's even better when you realize that he changed the French lyrics to something rather naughty: (roughly) I want to fuck you and then I want to fucking leave you/fuck off. And he points out the Hitchcock references! :D IT IS AWESOME AND HE IS AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD BE AWESOME AND WATCH IT.

4. I have pre-ordered the Inception DVD and the Sherlock (BBC) series, because I am a fucking fangirl who fangasms. My bank account, it cries.

5. Okay, so there's this girl, woman, whatever, at work right? And everyone has that one coworker that they just can't stand, right? SHE DRIVES ME INSANE. I used to eat at the restaurant I work at all the time, and I HATED having her, because she is the worst. Waitress. On. The fucking. Planet. She touches everything, is obnoxious, and then is somehow surprised when she gets bad tips. I have a (girl)friend who, every time we go anywhere together, people assuming I'm dating, IDK why. (Why yes, [ profile] ravenclaw_wench , I'm talking about you, Jesus Christ.) Anyway, we went out to eat together, and she treated us worse than usual, and she gave us dirty looks and really, I'm a good tipper. Anyone who regularly waits on me knows this. My flat tip is three dollars no matter how little I order, and I then add a dollar for every ten that I spend. And for once in my fucking life, I tipped someone less than that. I gave her a really, really shitty tip. Because her stupidity? Was really fucking obvious. And it pissed me off.

Anyway, so I now work with her, and she seems to have forgotten about it, but I saw her when the cute lesbian couple with the baby comes in (and they have not, sadly, returned) and I deal with her everyday and -- just no. She calls me babe and baby and sugar and sweetheart, and while I don't mind usually - I rather like it, actually - that's when I actually like the person talking to me. I don't like her one bit, and it comes across as condescending rather than affectionate, which we both know it isn't. It drives me insane. And between her being awful at her job, her being a bitchy waitress, and her constantly commenting on how much I do or don't eat - like it's any of her fucking business that I'm a stick, okay, and I am so fucking tired of people I don't know or like accusing me of having eating disorders I don't have, SAJFIEOA;NFEA;H.


Oh my gods, I did not mean to let that rant get away from me.

(The thing is, I'm actually kind of sensitive about the eating thing because, all through childhood to the present, everyone has something to say about how skinny I am. I've had complete strangers give me the 'It's okay to eat a burger/don't you eat more than salad/don't they feed you, lol/have you considered help speech(es) and it's just. It's one of my hot button issues, okay? I am not even that thin - I weigh a hundred pounds, alright, and I have hips and a sizable bust and all. I eat at least two meals a day and I get my nutritional requirements, and so what if I absolutely hate fast food? It literally makes me sick. And anyway, I used to eat four full meals a day and snacks and so on and WAS STILL HUNGRY, and while my Ten Weeks of Crazy episode kind of trashed my metabolism, I still have days like that.)


Okay, I'm shutting up now. Jesus Christ. Um.

ETA: It's not that I'm not sympathetic to people who DO have eating disorders, it's just - I didn't appreciate being told that there was something wrong with me growing up, because, quite frankly, I got enough of that shit at home, thanks very much. Not the eating disorder bit, but the There's Something Wrong With You bit.
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Title: some day they'll go down together
Author: snowdarkred 
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark pre-slash/UST
modern AU
PG-13, swearing and a side order of abuse
Word Count:
shanachie_quill  gave this a quick glance over for me. Because she is awesome.

Author's Note:
This is actually intended to be the first of a series, but since it can stand alone, I thought I'd go ahead and post it. This fic? Was so goddamn fun. It was probably the most fun I've had writing something in ages. Seriously. I've been meaning to do a non-superheroes AU since forever, and this was what came together. It was a blast. Title is from The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, a poem written by Bonnie Parker, one half of the (in)famous duo.

And for visuals: this is teen!Tony and this is teen!Steve. Much thanks to anruiukimi  and shanachie_quill  for dealing with my flailing and obsessing about who should "play" each character, and even more thanks to [ profile] shanachie_quill  who took my spelling to task. You guys rock!

Summary: It's a hard decision to make, but Steve can't let Tony go alone. He just can't.

some day they'll go down together


When Steve opens the door, the first thing he sees sends him into a swearing streak so wide and foul that his mother stops messing around with her flour in the kitchen and comes over to see what set him off. )


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These are some of the incomplete stories sitting on my computer at the moment. I know where most of them are going, but not all, and I just feel like sharing the openings to a few of them to catch what you think. They're for a number of different fandoms; it's almost embarrassing how many I'm involved in. One day, I shall restrain myself. Maybe.

The fics!

I. Inception

words so far: ~150


Of course, things don't go according to plan. )


II. Sherlock (BBC)
words so far: ~200

When he dreams... )


III. Supernatural
words so far: ~10,400


His sister's quiet sniffling is what wakes him. )


IV. Star Trek/His Dark Materials
words so far: ~3,300


"No," he said, his lips curling in disgust. )

V. Criminal Minds
words so far: ~1,500


They found the girl three miles outside of town. )
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Title: the path of a life
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  1K
Pairings: gen, none.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, some swearing and suggestive language.
Author's Note: God, what is this i don't even. Ack. I swore I wasn't going to write any Lie to Me fic! I said, Self, you have too much to do. Don't go adding another fandom to it. And then this happened. Fuck my LIFE. 

Summary: The twisty life of Eli Loker, human lie detector.

the path of a life

This is the life of Eli Loker. )
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So, one, I've been working double shifts like crazy this week, but I got my first paycheck today, and holy shit, so worth it. So yay, I have money! That I immediately have to go spend on school! Boo!

So, the important part:

I HAVE AN AIM ACCOUNT. For anyone who wants to talk or whatever. The username is the same as always - snowdarkred - so feel free to look me up!
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Title:  a list for your rainy days and lonely nights
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  ~700
Pairings: girl!Jensen/Cougar
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Light swearing, sexual themes.
Author's Note: Movie!verse AU. Part of the alive with the glory of love 'verse. This is so sweet I thought my teeth were going to rot while I wrote it.

Summary: Jocelyn “Jake” Jensen makes Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez a list....

a list for your rainy days and lonely nights

30 points of love )
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I'm not even gonna f-licklock this, 'cause it's not like you can see my face. :D I'm such a dork. A bored, bored dork.


reading supernatural
...not that you can see much of me, considering that I have a CONVENIENTLY PLACED MAGAZINE over my face.

I have two dogs, Hoshi and Leto. Hoshi is a lab mix, and Leto is half Anatolian Sheppard, half Great Pyrenees. Which means that....

Leto when we first got him (4ish months):

little leto

Leto now (hint, he's huge) )


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