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Leave me a prompt (for a fandom/show/book/whatever that I am actually familiar with) and I'll write a drabble! And if anyone wants to get in on the action too, well, the more the merrier! 

Any pairing or non-pairing is fine; just be sensible about what I could write. We all know I'm wonderful, but I'm not that wonderful.  ;)

Suggested fandoms:
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter
White Collar
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock 2009
Tamora Pierce books (any)
Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America
The Losers
Criminal Minds
Robin McKinley books (any)
Gundam Wing
Law&Order: SVU
Limited RPF for STXI and SPN
Covert Affairs
His Dark Materials
(500) Days of Summer

Go crazy! I'll try to do my best! :D

ETA: Also, feel free to pimp this wherever. :D

Untitled, Avengers/Losers xover, gen
'Twas the Season, Protector of the Small, Kel/Dom
Mistletoe, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Lucky, SPN/STXI RPF, Pinto
Untitled Glee/SPN preview/snippet, gen
The Lowering Of; Provost's Dogs, Beka/Rosto
Soup, The Losers, Cougar/Jensen
A Father's Journal, Glee/SPN, slight hints of Puck/Kurt
Untitled, The Losers, celebrating the DADT repeal, J/C
Ready, Aim, Fire; The Losers, girl!C/J
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Read and by astounded by my nerdy geekishness!

- This is one of my current shiny new interests. I've already written two fics for it, and I'm working on a third that's threatening to turn into one of  my angst epics, with a grand side of DESTINY, because, dude, this is Merlin. And it wouldn't be the same without dire predictions and gratuitous slash subtext. 

Star Trek XI - I desperately want the goddamn sequel. Any minute now. Really, any. Damn. Minute. I've got a couple of fics on my hard-drive that I'm thinking about starting up again, including my ghost!fic and a rewrite of my Matrix fusion thing. Which, yeah, I totes shouldn't have started in the first place because I knew that that would go badly when I did it. I just...couldn't help myself. But, I do want to do it, I just have to write it all before I can because I can't even think about it without cringing. Also, it's not written in the style that I prefer to write in, and while it's good to experiment, I just can't keep it up. So, yeah. Eventually, I'll get around back to this. And some other stuff, like my partly finished His Dark Materials fusion and that angst fic. All of this is Kirk/McCoy.

Star Trek XI RPF - I actually have a WIP on the kink meme somewhere that really needs to be finished, but I got distracted by completing Lost Boy, and just couldn't do it. I have to put aside the domestic violence fic to finish the rape-aftermath fic. Because that's how I roll, and I have a limit to how much angst I can deal with. But, it is on my mind. Who knows, I may even finish it one day.

Supernatural - Oh, SPN. I would say that you corrupt me, but I was already a dirtyminded hobag before you came into my life. I have some WIPs for this fandom on my laptop, including another epic!angst!fic (with genderfuck! ALWAYS-A-GIRL!SAM FTW!), an Iron Man crossover (Tony/Sam, because in every other one I've seen, it's been either Tony/Dean or Sam/Dean/Tony, and that's just not the same; Sam deserves some lovin' as well, especially since hating Sam seems to be a fandom sport to some people). Also, a follow up to There's No Such Thing As Unicorns, which I'm titling Hitting the Pleasure Button Until You Die, because that's fucking hilarious. Shut up, I have a twisted since of humor.

Supernatural RPF - Ahem. Well, someone (*cough*high_flyer87*cough*) gave me a Misha/Jared plot bunny, and there desperately needs to be some more Misha/Jared in the world, because they are adorable, and given to groping each other in public. Well, Jared gropes everyone in public, and so does Misha, but that just makes them more adorable. Except that I'm kind of OCD about timelines (they have to be perfect, dammit, perfect) and I haven't been able to write anymore without thinking, "Wait, which con did that happen at? And this? When did this happen? ARWG!!" So, I have it started, but then I got scared by the years and years of "canon" that I'd have to shift through to satisfy my OCD side.

NCIS - I got nothin'. Sorry. I haven't watched the show in a year, and as much as I love Tony and Gibbs and Abby and all, I just don't see that changing. However, I still have some WIPs that I might finish. There are some more installments on the DC&RW, but I'm hesitant about that because Kacia Noor somehow found her way into my original TV show, which I actually want to get made some day, and the second big fic is told from her point of view and deals with a lot of her backstory. I don't want to confuse issues when I, hopefully, get things moving. So, I have stuff, it's just not something that I think I'm going to share. (On another note: I'm up for an award for a Ziva/McGee fic! Which is, well, surprising! Considering how much I hate Ziva.)

Stargate SG-1 - I'm a totally n00b to the fandom, but Jesusfuck, what's with all the Sam-hate? She is fuckin' badass! I'm only about half-way through S3, and I'm already sick of it. This may or may not be because I don't see what's so fantastic about Jack's dick in the first place. I love me some Sam/Daniel. But, I do have a Jack/Daniel idea that someone else has no doubt done before. I also have a genderfuck always-a-boy!Sam/always-a-girl!Daniel fic that I really, really want to do, because it just fills me with glee. :D On a reading note, I really want some Daniel-and-Teal'c friendship fic, because I think a bromance between them would be adorable. But yeah, what's with the ship war? Why can't they just have an SG-1 orgy and leave it at that?

Avengers/Marvel - I've been on a Marvel kick lately, and I've almost completely fallen for Steve/Tony. They're just so damn adorable and codependent. :D (I say this as an avid X-Men fan who was happily ignoring the Avengers until a few weeks ago. And, btw, Gambit/Rogue all way, with a bit of Logan/Rogue thrown in for fun.)*

White Collar - Elizabeth/Peter/Neal OT3 ALL THE WAY! They are just so adorable.

- Hardison/Parker/Eliot OT3. Because they are so fucking cute. They're the reason I watch the show. <3 (It's certainly not for the Sophie/Nate angst. Ugh. Or the plot, for that matter, because I usually figure out a better way to do the damn job than they do.) 

Criminal Minds
- I ship Reid/Anyone, and also JJ/Prentiss (DAMN YOU CBS). And JJ/Will, because they are adorable together. I haven't really got anything major planned, though there are some scraps that may turn into something floating around my computer. Somewhere. Oh, and the rest of the fics in the fashion mag!AU that I have half-completed. Because I'm just that lame. I haven't picked a main pairing yet, though there's some JJ/Will + baby adorableness in the one I'm almost done with.

....Um, I can't think of anything else. *thinks* Er, I'm kind of out of most of my anime fandoms (though I AM EAGERLY AWAITING THE SUPERNATURAL ANIME, fuckyes!) and I haven't read anything for them in a long, long time. There are some more fandoms that I'm on a read-only basis anyway, and I don't think anyone wants to hear me rant about Danny Phantom or Ben 10 or whatever. Ahem. Now that I'm done showing myself to be a complete dork.

* For an added level of dork to my family, my mom is a DC fan, while I'm a Marvel girl (though we both agree that Wonder Woman is hot, and Batman is awesome, and WTF is up with Superman in general - and also that Tony Stark is a woobie of great proportions, though I think I enjoy that more than she does).
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Fandoms: (It's a mixed bag). Criminal Minds, Star Trek XI RPF, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pine, Supernatural (both Sam and Dean), Matthew Gray Gubler, and there's a graphic of me in here too. I'm too lazy after all the work I did yesterday posting my baby to write explanations for them.

If you want to know more about something, either comment or go my dA account (and comment).

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Title: Lost Boy (the stars breathe in the empty spaces)
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count: ~11+ K
Paring: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine/Others
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: highlight to read | past rape of a minor, depression, prostitution. also, semi-experimental prose style. also some underage alcohol abuse and smoking (cigarettes) |

Author's Note: This story is written from a limited third-person perspective, from the point of view of Chris Pine. Chris does not refer to himself by name in the prose, though other characters do call him by it when they are speaking to him. Chris is a very fucked up young man who has a lot of problems. This story is a journey, one that takes us from Chris's childhood to his awakening. It is written out of order, with parts that (hopefully) slot together to form a coherent whole. I've been working on this monster for almost nine months. It's my baby, one that I am almost hesitant to share due to how high my emotions were during the process. I poured everything into this fic, and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do. See this post for further commentary.

Summary: Semi-AU. Chris Pine is broken and has been for a while. But the fragments of his life are slowly coming together, and Chris begins to slowly put his life in order. All his has to do is keep reaching up for the stars and learn to trust again.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
     -- Oscar Wilde, “Lady Windermere's Fan”


Lost Boy (the stars breathe in the empty spaces)

Lost Boy by snowdarkred

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Author's Note

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Okay, so I found an online photo editing thingy, and I just spent a stupid amount of time fooling around on it. I made stuff. It's a wee bit awesome.

It's all J2, though one can be a Sam and Dean pic. Most of them are wallpaper size, with one bannerish one and one basic photo that I messed with.

X-post no where.

1-3: Jared Padalecki
4-10: Jared Padalecki&Jensen Ackles

1 small pic, 1 banner, 1 collage, 7 backgrounds  )
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Title: Winter Silence
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred
Rating: G
Word Count: ~ 1,000
Characters/Pairings: Chis/Zach
Prompt: Carols (for the 'A Very Pinto Christmas Challenge)
Discount: Slavery is illegal (and also immoral), and I don't know them, so I'm obviously just making shit up. ♥
Auhors note: I'm probably not going to make it to twelve, if only because I'm working on multiple fics for this and other fandoms. But, this bit me, and here I am. :D

Summery: Winter. Holidays. Piano. Old books. Chris. Zach. Singing. Silence.

Winter Silence

Chris hunted around though the closet, positive that the illusive box was there somewhere. )

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Title: Somewhere Between Friends and Lovers
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred
Fandom: RPF/RPS Trek Cast and AotS (wtf?)
Word Count: ~1.3K
Rating: PG, for language
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Zach, Olivia Munn
Summery: "Chris," she said, "we need to talk."
Disclaimer: Slavery is illegal (and also immoral), and I don't know them, so I'm obviously just making shit up. ♥
Author's Note: This isn't exactly how I imagined my "debut" on the RPS scene to go (I'm writing an epic angst fic; it's about 5K done with 4K to go!) but... well, yeah. I don't think my anon!fail on the kink meme counts as a debut. I'm not sure I like the style it came out in, but whatever. Here goes nothing. (Also, I like Olivia Munn. Just as a heads up.)

Somewhere Between Friends and Lovers

"Chris," she said, "we need to talk." )


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