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 Working title: Secret Agent Man
Summary: Some government agencies are like cults: you don't get out until you drink the red Kool-Aid.
Words so far: 4.5K
Notes: I'd forgotten I'd written this. Oops. I'll just drop this entire thing here for now.

~Secret Agent Man~

They approached him in his first year at college. )
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Media: vid
Title: paint the stones as jewels for eyes
Vidder: snowdarkred
Rating: PG-13/R
Spoilers (if any): the whole series
Warnings (if any): violence, bodies, blood, etc. Everything you'd expect in a serial killer-esque!AU
Tumblr link: HERE

Summary: i've been around where water meets color / and it's a secret / and we paint the stones as jewels for eyes / and the birds of the day carry night

paint the stones as jewels for eyes

statues built on the bones of your friends  )
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Leave me a prompt (for a fandom/show/book/whatever that I am actually familiar with) and I'll write a drabble! And if anyone wants to get in on the action too, well, the more the merrier! 

Any pairing or non-pairing is fine; just be sensible about what I could write. We all know I'm wonderful, but I'm not that wonderful.  ;)

Suggested fandoms:
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter
White Collar
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock 2009
Tamora Pierce books (any)
Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America
The Losers
Criminal Minds
Robin McKinley books (any)
Gundam Wing
Law&Order: SVU
Limited RPF for STXI and SPN
Covert Affairs
His Dark Materials
(500) Days of Summer

Go crazy! I'll try to do my best! :D

ETA: Also, feel free to pimp this wherever. :D

Untitled, Avengers/Losers xover, gen
'Twas the Season, Protector of the Small, Kel/Dom
Mistletoe, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Lucky, SPN/STXI RPF, Pinto
Untitled Glee/SPN preview/snippet, gen
The Lowering Of; Provost's Dogs, Beka/Rosto
Soup, The Losers, Cougar/Jensen
A Father's Journal, Glee/SPN, slight hints of Puck/Kurt
Untitled, The Losers, celebrating the DADT repeal, J/C
Ready, Aim, Fire; The Losers, girl!C/J
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Title: and then we'll carry on again
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  575
Pairings: Sam/Sam, hint of Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: teen; swearing, kissing, head games, spoilers for the latest episode!
Author's Note:  THIS IS YOUR FAULT, [ profile] high_flyer87 !!! If you hadn't gone on about how much you wanted to see puppy interact with robo!Sam, I wouldn't have written this mess. >:| JK, love you and your awesomeness! <3 Originally posted here.

Summary: Sam feels like he's dreaming. Maybe he is. There's a voice floating in the back of his head that tells him that he should be dreaming, that what he is seeing now isn't be real, but when you've lived the life he has, that voice doesn't count for much.

and then we'll carry on again


"Why," the other Sam hisses. "Why are you so fucking important? What makes you so much better than me?"  )
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These are some of the incomplete stories sitting on my computer at the moment. I know where most of them are going, but not all, and I just feel like sharing the openings to a few of them to catch what you think. They're for a number of different fandoms; it's almost embarrassing how many I'm involved in. One day, I shall restrain myself. Maybe.

The fics!

I. Inception

words so far: ~150


Of course, things don't go according to plan. )


II. Sherlock (BBC)
words so far: ~200

When he dreams... )


III. Supernatural
words so far: ~10,400


His sister's quiet sniffling is what wakes him. )


IV. Star Trek/His Dark Materials
words so far: ~3,300


"No," he said, his lips curling in disgust. )

V. Criminal Minds
words so far: ~1,500


They found the girl three miles outside of town. )
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Title: Creeping Past Forever (it's a long way down)
Author: [info]snowdarkred 
Word Count:  ~1.5K
Pairings: gen; past Sam/Jess
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Some darkish themes.
Author's Note: I found this on my computer a little while ago. Apparently, I wrote it? Who knew I could do introspective and circular? (Okay, so that isn't a surprise, but whatever.) I love Sam, and I love Sam thinking thinky thoughts. So of course I'd writing him having them, wouldn't I?

Summery: Dean sleeps by the door, between the outside world and Sam. Between Sam and the outside world.

Creeping Past Forever (it's a long way down)

There are times, in the dark dead of the night, right after the witching hour has passed, that Sam will lie awake and think. )


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I'm not even gonna f-licklock this, 'cause it's not like you can see my face. :D I'm such a dork. A bored, bored dork.


reading supernatural
...not that you can see much of me, considering that I have a CONVENIENTLY PLACED MAGAZINE over my face.

I have two dogs, Hoshi and Leto. Hoshi is a lab mix, and Leto is half Anatolian Sheppard, half Great Pyrenees. Which means that....

Leto when we first got him (4ish months):

little leto

Leto now (hint, he's huge) )
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Read and by astounded by my nerdy geekishness!

- This is one of my current shiny new interests. I've already written two fics for it, and I'm working on a third that's threatening to turn into one of  my angst epics, with a grand side of DESTINY, because, dude, this is Merlin. And it wouldn't be the same without dire predictions and gratuitous slash subtext. 

Star Trek XI - I desperately want the goddamn sequel. Any minute now. Really, any. Damn. Minute. I've got a couple of fics on my hard-drive that I'm thinking about starting up again, including my ghost!fic and a rewrite of my Matrix fusion thing. Which, yeah, I totes shouldn't have started in the first place because I knew that that would go badly when I did it. I just...couldn't help myself. But, I do want to do it, I just have to write it all before I can because I can't even think about it without cringing. Also, it's not written in the style that I prefer to write in, and while it's good to experiment, I just can't keep it up. So, yeah. Eventually, I'll get around back to this. And some other stuff, like my partly finished His Dark Materials fusion and that angst fic. All of this is Kirk/McCoy.

Star Trek XI RPF - I actually have a WIP on the kink meme somewhere that really needs to be finished, but I got distracted by completing Lost Boy, and just couldn't do it. I have to put aside the domestic violence fic to finish the rape-aftermath fic. Because that's how I roll, and I have a limit to how much angst I can deal with. But, it is on my mind. Who knows, I may even finish it one day.

Supernatural - Oh, SPN. I would say that you corrupt me, but I was already a dirtyminded hobag before you came into my life. I have some WIPs for this fandom on my laptop, including another epic!angst!fic (with genderfuck! ALWAYS-A-GIRL!SAM FTW!), an Iron Man crossover (Tony/Sam, because in every other one I've seen, it's been either Tony/Dean or Sam/Dean/Tony, and that's just not the same; Sam deserves some lovin' as well, especially since hating Sam seems to be a fandom sport to some people). Also, a follow up to There's No Such Thing As Unicorns, which I'm titling Hitting the Pleasure Button Until You Die, because that's fucking hilarious. Shut up, I have a twisted since of humor.

Supernatural RPF - Ahem. Well, someone (*cough*high_flyer87*cough*) gave me a Misha/Jared plot bunny, and there desperately needs to be some more Misha/Jared in the world, because they are adorable, and given to groping each other in public. Well, Jared gropes everyone in public, and so does Misha, but that just makes them more adorable. Except that I'm kind of OCD about timelines (they have to be perfect, dammit, perfect) and I haven't been able to write anymore without thinking, "Wait, which con did that happen at? And this? When did this happen? ARWG!!" So, I have it started, but then I got scared by the years and years of "canon" that I'd have to shift through to satisfy my OCD side.

NCIS - I got nothin'. Sorry. I haven't watched the show in a year, and as much as I love Tony and Gibbs and Abby and all, I just don't see that changing. However, I still have some WIPs that I might finish. There are some more installments on the DC&RW, but I'm hesitant about that because Kacia Noor somehow found her way into my original TV show, which I actually want to get made some day, and the second big fic is told from her point of view and deals with a lot of her backstory. I don't want to confuse issues when I, hopefully, get things moving. So, I have stuff, it's just not something that I think I'm going to share. (On another note: I'm up for an award for a Ziva/McGee fic! Which is, well, surprising! Considering how much I hate Ziva.)

Stargate SG-1 - I'm a totally n00b to the fandom, but Jesusfuck, what's with all the Sam-hate? She is fuckin' badass! I'm only about half-way through S3, and I'm already sick of it. This may or may not be because I don't see what's so fantastic about Jack's dick in the first place. I love me some Sam/Daniel. But, I do have a Jack/Daniel idea that someone else has no doubt done before. I also have a genderfuck always-a-boy!Sam/always-a-girl!Daniel fic that I really, really want to do, because it just fills me with glee. :D On a reading note, I really want some Daniel-and-Teal'c friendship fic, because I think a bromance between them would be adorable. But yeah, what's with the ship war? Why can't they just have an SG-1 orgy and leave it at that?

Avengers/Marvel - I've been on a Marvel kick lately, and I've almost completely fallen for Steve/Tony. They're just so damn adorable and codependent. :D (I say this as an avid X-Men fan who was happily ignoring the Avengers until a few weeks ago. And, btw, Gambit/Rogue all way, with a bit of Logan/Rogue thrown in for fun.)*

White Collar - Elizabeth/Peter/Neal OT3 ALL THE WAY! They are just so adorable.

- Hardison/Parker/Eliot OT3. Because they are so fucking cute. They're the reason I watch the show. <3 (It's certainly not for the Sophie/Nate angst. Ugh. Or the plot, for that matter, because I usually figure out a better way to do the damn job than they do.) 

Criminal Minds
- I ship Reid/Anyone, and also JJ/Prentiss (DAMN YOU CBS). And JJ/Will, because they are adorable together. I haven't really got anything major planned, though there are some scraps that may turn into something floating around my computer. Somewhere. Oh, and the rest of the fics in the fashion mag!AU that I have half-completed. Because I'm just that lame. I haven't picked a main pairing yet, though there's some JJ/Will + baby adorableness in the one I'm almost done with.

....Um, I can't think of anything else. *thinks* Er, I'm kind of out of most of my anime fandoms (though I AM EAGERLY AWAITING THE SUPERNATURAL ANIME, fuckyes!) and I haven't read anything for them in a long, long time. There are some more fandoms that I'm on a read-only basis anyway, and I don't think anyone wants to hear me rant about Danny Phantom or Ben 10 or whatever. Ahem. Now that I'm done showing myself to be a complete dork.

* For an added level of dork to my family, my mom is a DC fan, while I'm a Marvel girl (though we both agree that Wonder Woman is hot, and Batman is awesome, and WTF is up with Superman in general - and also that Tony Stark is a woobie of great proportions, though I think I enjoy that more than she does).
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Fandoms: (It's a mixed bag). Criminal Minds, Star Trek XI RPF, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pine, Supernatural (both Sam and Dean), Matthew Gray Gubler, and there's a graphic of me in here too. I'm too lazy after all the work I did yesterday posting my baby to write explanations for them.

If you want to know more about something, either comment or go my dA account (and comment).

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Title: There's No Such Thing as Unicorns
Pairings: none/gen
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/T, blasphemy, swearing, at least one Wincest joke.
Author's Note: This is the first humorous thing I've finished in ages. I wrote this mainly for myself and a bit for my friend MeMe, who is the only other RL SPN fan I know who also reads fic. I had a kick writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Summery: Humor/Angst: Creation. Gabriel. Abel and Cain, Sam and Dean. Lucy. Pop is the Devil's music. Wee!Chesters. Abomination. Vacation. 666 bottles of alcohol. Hell is a four letter word. Heaven is too. Ice cream. Life. Death. God. Apocalypse. Sam. Dean.

Once upon a time, in a space-time continuum long ago but not quite far away, God got a little bored and created the Universe.
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I am so tired that I am seeing double. I didn't sleep last night, and I think I just failed a test. No, I'm sure I just failed a test, because I couldn't remember the material at all. So, yeah, fuck. Here's some fic.

Title: Vetis (is my tempter)
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count: 2,400
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, a demon
Rating/Warnings: PG-13/R
Spoilers: Up to season 4, maybe a little of five
Warnings: Violence, blood, some swearing, and a tiny hint at past non-con
Author's Note: This is fucked up, and I'm not sure that it makes since. I had fun though, which is what counts. I wanted to do a story where Sam spent time in Hell, but he lied to Dean about it, and then Vetis (one of my fav old school demons) shows up. Once again, x-posted no where, nada, none.

Summery: No angel had gripped him tight and raised him from perdition. Demons had thrown him out, laughing all the way.

Vetis (is my tempter)


Sam doesn't remember being dead. That's what he told Dean, and to his credit, at the time it was true. )
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Okay, so I found an online photo editing thingy, and I just spent a stupid amount of time fooling around on it. I made stuff. It's a wee bit awesome.

It's all J2, though one can be a Sam and Dean pic. Most of them are wallpaper size, with one bannerish one and one basic photo that I messed with.

X-post no where.

1-3: Jared Padalecki
4-10: Jared Padalecki&Jensen Ackles

1 small pic, 1 banner, 1 collage, 7 backgrounds  )
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Title: Makes You Wanna Believe
Author: snowdarkred
Word Count: 663
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Jess
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Spoilers: None, unless you were wondering who that Jess chick was.
Author's Note: I'm probably not going to really get involved in the main fandom for this series (it's rather intimidating) but I can't stop myself from writing things. Also, I've always been fascinated by Jess and Sam's time at Stanford. So I wrote a snippet. X-posted no where. This story really doesn't have a point.

Summery: Stanford era. He watches her, but then, she watches him. They meet in McGael's English class, but that part's not important. None of it is.

Makes You Wanna Believe

He doesn't understand why she comes to class. She never takes any notes. )



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I spent time today being a responsible student. I studied. I took notes. I ate nachos while studying and taking notes. It sucked, so I decided to treat myself. :D  So I made something AWESOME. I have no idea how many people on my flist are SPN fans, or how many will get this (it's pretty lame) but I made something rather...special.

It's also kind of creepy, but I'm bored and the next episode doesn't come out until Thursday (I'm so excited for that, even though I won't be able to watch it until Friday, since I don't have a TV.).

Title: Ending the World (for Dummies named Sammy)
Artist: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Medium: Generator, MS Paint
Rating: PG/PG-13, due to pixel blood
Artist's Note: I'm pretty sure that Lucifer would do this. Or maybe Meg. Either way, I think the demons would get a kick out of planting this at every bookstore and library poor Sammy walks into, just to screw with him.

-We know that you're reading this, Sammy. You cannot escape us. )

Also, I think I'm going to need a SPN icon. I really need to get off my ass and get a paid account so that I can have more icons. 15 just isn't cutting it.


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