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Leave me a prompt (for a fandom/show/book/whatever that I am actually familiar with) and I'll write a drabble! And if anyone wants to get in on the action too, well, the more the merrier! 

Any pairing or non-pairing is fine; just be sensible about what I could write. We all know I'm wonderful, but I'm not that wonderful.  ;)

Suggested fandoms:
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter
White Collar
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock 2009
Tamora Pierce books (any)
Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America
The Losers
Criminal Minds
Robin McKinley books (any)
Gundam Wing
Law&Order: SVU
Limited RPF for STXI and SPN
Covert Affairs
His Dark Materials
(500) Days of Summer

Go crazy! I'll try to do my best! :D

ETA: Also, feel free to pimp this wherever. :D

Untitled, Avengers/Losers xover, gen
'Twas the Season, Protector of the Small, Kel/Dom
Mistletoe, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Lucky, SPN/STXI RPF, Pinto
Untitled Glee/SPN preview/snippet, gen
The Lowering Of; Provost's Dogs, Beka/Rosto
Soup, The Losers, Cougar/Jensen
A Father's Journal, Glee/SPN, slight hints of Puck/Kurt
Untitled, The Losers, celebrating the DADT repeal, J/C
Ready, Aim, Fire; The Losers, girl!C/J
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Okay, so, I just got the news that I was even up for an award, like, ten minutes ago. Apparently, I've been nominated for Best Rare (Het) Pairing for the fic The How and Why and What (Or, Four Ways They Didn't Meet Over Drinks and One Way They Did), a Ziva/McGee fic I wrote ages a while ago.

This is exciting. I don't think I've ever been nominated for a fic awards before. \o/
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Title: The How and Why and What (or, Four Ways They Didn't Meet Over Drinks and One Way They Did)
Words: ~1.6K
Pairing: Ziva/McGee
Rating/Warning: PG-13, swearing, lots of alcohol (with recipes)
Author's Note: Set in the same universe as
Scaredy-Cat and The Give and Take, though you don't need to read that one to read this. Crossposted...somewhere.

Summery: This is how they could have met, or they should have met, or possibly would have met. This is how they didn't meet. This is how they did.

The How and Why and What



They accidentally met at the same bar. They ran into each other at a business luncheon. They tripped over each other while rushing for the same taxi. They passed each other in the hotel lobby. They truly met at a bar. )
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Title: The Give and Take
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred
Words: 2141
Pairing: Ziva/McGee
Rating/Warning: PG-13, crossdressing, schmoop
Summery: They celebrate the winter holidays in their own special way.
Author's Note: Set in the same universe as Scaredy-Cat, though you don't need to read that one to read this. This is so fluffy, it hurts to look at. File this under, "Ho, shit, I can't believe I wrote that." For [ profile] tpeej  who wanted more. Hope you like this. (ps-if you don't know what a keycap is click here.) And a thank you for weird_fin for her impromptu beta!

The Give and Take




Comments make this author's little heart swell.

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Title: Scaredy-cat
Author: [ profile] ncis and [ profile] ncisfanfic. Now with another story: The Give and Take .


--- --- ---

I'm still stunned that I wrote this. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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