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As of two minutes ago, this is what I have of the Torchwood/Doctor Who fic that rose out of nowhere and ate my brain:

It's basically CoE fix-it fic, because I think everyone in the fandom is required to write at least one of those. I'm about halfway through the fifth chapter, with only one more and an epilogue to go. 

I have someone who takes a look at it as I finish chapters, but I want other eyes on it as well. I also very dearly need a Brit-picker to correct my slang and tweak my spelling. If you'd like to volunteer, drop me a line or message me. :3
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Title: Amy Pond and the Year that Never Was
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred
Word Count: ~2.7K
Pairing: hints of Amy/Rory
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Seriously.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, minor swearing and violence 
Author's Note: A big, big thank you to [ profile] tygermama and iantointhetardis for reading this over and giving me the encouragement my fragile ego needed.

Summary:  She’s the girl who grew up with a crack in her wall — she almost remembers it, in a kind of not-way that can’t be pinned down.

Amy Pond and the Year that Never Was

Amy’s aunt dies in front of her, screaming as the sphere things burn her to a crisp. )
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i know i don't post here very often anymore; i'm trying to work on that by writing longer fic. which i'm working on. /mysterious

anyway, this is just a quick note about the whole mess with delicious and everyone freaking out, etc.

i moved all my bookmarks to pinboard, and i've got everything up and running over there. feel free to network with me if you already have an account.

Link of note:


Jun. 10th, 2011 01:56 pm
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 I know I haven’t posted my writing for a while, but this WSJ article and the fabulous backlash has had me reaching for my keyboard, so. I'm going to subject you to my poetry. 

#YAsaves )
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Media: vid
Title: paint the stones as jewels for eyes
Vidder: snowdarkred
Rating: PG-13/R
Spoilers (if any): the whole series
Warnings (if any): violence, bodies, blood, etc. Everything you'd expect in a serial killer-esque!AU
Tumblr link: HERE

Summary: i've been around where water meets color / and it's a secret / and we paint the stones as jewels for eyes / and the birds of the day carry night

paint the stones as jewels for eyes

statues built on the bones of your friends  )
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Media: vid
Title: mad tom of bedlam
Vidder: snowdarkred
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers (if any): the whole series
Warnings (if any): nothing that isn't in the show
Tumblr link: HERE

Summary: these spirits white as lightning / did on that journey guide me / the sun did shake and the pale moon quake / whenever they did spy me

mad tom of bedlam

for they all go bare, and they live in the air / and they want no drink nor money  )


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Media: vid
Title: thistle & weeds
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers (if any): up to 2x16
Warnings (if any): the same homophobic bullying we see in the show
Tumblr link: here

Summary: spare me your judgments and spare me your dreams / cause recently mine have been tearing my seams / i sit alone in this winter clarity which clouds my mind

thistle & weeds

but i will hold on )
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OKAY. So I know I don't post my friends' & family's shenanigans all that often, because we're a very uneven bunch and one day we'll all be fine with each other and the next day we'll each be out for blood, and to be honest, it's kind of stressful figuring out which day is going to be which.



So, there's this chick I knew in high school.
PREQUEL OF cut to save your flists )

So anyway, we got into a week-long argument about it, because she wouldn't back off and I can't just let stupid lie.

So, ahem, to get more back on track, I'm facebook friends with R, and I didn't even really remember that because I haven't spoken to her in, literally, two years. But I posted a comment bitching about how people keep referring to Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel as a soprano when he's actually a countertenor.

cut to save your flists )

About halfway through this, I went downstairs to ask my stepdad, since he's a classically trained singer. (He went to a fancy private Catholic school, and part of his scholarship was for music.)

RETURN OF THE cut to save your flists )

...But then I didn't, because I am GOOD PERSON. THE END.

So yeah. I'd almost feel sorry for R, because I get that she has issues and whatever, I really do, because you don't get to be her level of crazy without them (I've known her since my freshman year of high school, okay, I took classes with her. I know she's batshit) but then I remember how she freaked out at my friends party because she didn't want to sleep in the same room (and especially on the same mattress) with a two bisexual chicks and two lesbians. :/ :/ :/ :/ And how she was worried that we would ~convert her little sister, who was there too.

:/ :/ :/

Actually, you know what? Why am I still friends with her on facebook? *goes off to defriend her*


ALSO ALSO ALSO: [ profile] jenna_marianne  just informed that I HAVE BEEN RECCED ON [ profile] crack_van !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*does epic keysmash of awesome*

I...I think I need to go sit down somewhere and put my head between my knees. FFFFF
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1. Wow. I was kind of startled today when I realized how much I hated both my boss and my manager. One's racist; the other is sexist. *bangs head against the wall*

2. The epic multifandom prompt meme is still on going! Admittedly, I got sidetracked by family stuff - hey, consider what season it is - but I'm starting to make a dent on fills...which is why I want you to give me more! And not just The Losers stuff, either, although keep those coming! I'm talking about Inception and Glee and Star Trek XI and Brick and Supernatural and so on. :D

3. I bought some more hair dye. By this time tomorrow, I will once again be blonde. \o/

4. I have one more thing that I want to buy myself before I officially close my free-for-all-December budget. After the New Year's Eve, it's back to the old super strict no spending policy.

5. IT SNOWED IN GEORGIA, Y'ALL. IT SNOWED. ON CHRISTMAS DAY. And it was the first time in 127 YEARS that the county I live in has had snow on Christmas day. It was really super pretty, which brings me to my last Bullet Point of Life:

6. My dog. So, I know that a few of you were around way back when, when I posted those pics of my cute little puppy? The one that I could pick up and cuddle with because he was so small? Yeah. A year later, he's not so tiny any more:

White Dog, White Snow by ~snowdarkred on deviantART


ETA: Context for his size is something like this: I'm five foot two. His hip and my hip are almost even. When he raises his head, it's in line with my waist. He weighs about a 120 pounds and he's not. Done. Yet. D: He's still got another year or so of filling out to do. THAT'S how big my dog is. :3
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Leave me a prompt (for a fandom/show/book/whatever that I am actually familiar with) and I'll write a drabble! And if anyone wants to get in on the action too, well, the more the merrier! 

Any pairing or non-pairing is fine; just be sensible about what I could write. We all know I'm wonderful, but I'm not that wonderful.  ;)

Suggested fandoms:
Star Trek XI
Harry Potter
White Collar
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock 2009
Tamora Pierce books (any)
Avengers/Iron Man/Captain America
The Losers
Criminal Minds
Robin McKinley books (any)
Gundam Wing
Law&Order: SVU
Limited RPF for STXI and SPN
Covert Affairs
His Dark Materials
(500) Days of Summer

Go crazy! I'll try to do my best! :D

ETA: Also, feel free to pimp this wherever. :D

Untitled, Avengers/Losers xover, gen
'Twas the Season, Protector of the Small, Kel/Dom
Mistletoe, Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Lucky, SPN/STXI RPF, Pinto
Untitled Glee/SPN preview/snippet, gen
The Lowering Of; Provost's Dogs, Beka/Rosto
Soup, The Losers, Cougar/Jensen
A Father's Journal, Glee/SPN, slight hints of Puck/Kurt
Untitled, The Losers, celebrating the DADT repeal, J/C
Ready, Aim, Fire; The Losers, girl!C/J
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Title: and then we'll carry on again
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  575
Pairings: Sam/Sam, hint of Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: teen; swearing, kissing, head games, spoilers for the latest episode!
Author's Note:  THIS IS YOUR FAULT, [ profile] high_flyer87 !!! If you hadn't gone on about how much you wanted to see puppy interact with robo!Sam, I wouldn't have written this mess. >:| JK, love you and your awesomeness! <3 Originally posted here.

Summary: Sam feels like he's dreaming. Maybe he is. There's a voice floating in the back of his head that tells him that he should be dreaming, that what he is seeing now isn't be real, but when you've lived the life he has, that voice doesn't count for much.

and then we'll carry on again


"Why," the other Sam hisses. "Why are you so fucking important? What makes you so much better than me?"  )
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Watching the news about Delicious leak and the subsequent backlash – and the backlash to the backlash, and the backlash to that – the only conclusion I can come to is that Yahoo is run by idiots.


The number of bookmarks being saved per hour? Down. The number of new users? Down. The number of people switching to other, admittedly poorer services? Way up. All because Yahoo can't do PR for shit. True, Delicious isn't exactly a straight up profit house, but it does, or did, have consumer loyalty. Think of how many fandom people have been using it for years? How many times it's handed to fandom-newbies as the holy grail of fic indexing? How many people thank what ever deity they believe in that it exists because it makes life easier?


Yahoo leaked the “sunset” news – or, someone else leaked it, and then some higher up on twitter threatened to fire them in a tweet, which also isn't the best way to handle things, 'cause dude, it's not going to endear you to the public – and then refused to comment about except for some serious bullshit statement that said absolutely nothing, while simultaneously suggesting the worst. And then they were surprised at the backlash from millions of users who use Delicious for everything from work to fandom. They released a statement that blamed the media for distributing false information, when it was their own ineptitude that was leading people to draw their own conclusions. And then they just sort of handwaved it by implying that, well, no one was using Delicious anyway, so what did it matter?


Do you know how long it took Wikipedia to update the Delicious article to say that Delicious was shutting down? Like, two hours.


I love my Delicious account. It's my baby. I spent two weeks going through and standardizing my tagging system, and making sure that everything has a clear label. When my computer crashed a few months back, I lost everything that had been saved – my pictures, about half of my fics, and a whole lot of other stuff that was important to me. But what wasn't lost?


My fic bookmarks. My articles. My fashion links. My research – the same research that I used to figure out what the hell is up with my sexuality, or lack thereof. All of these things may not be things, they may not be physical, they may just be data, but they're important. I've been in fandom for years. I love it. It's what I grew up with, it's what help me discover who I am, it's what got me to start writing and never stop. And Delicious is important to fandom. It's another way for us to share in the epic love fest that is free-form fandom – the rush of excitement, the surge of pleasure in discovering new things, the ease of access to things that we're interested in.


And Yahoo threatened that. Whether the site shuts down Delicious, sells it, or whatever, I know I won't be able to trust them again. I can't. They obviously can't even manage themselves – how can I expect them to manage a simple website?

PS. I would love it if LiveJournal bought Delicious. I think it would be a good fit, though I'm not sure how that would work.
PPS. My trip to see my family didn't work out -- I couldn't go because of weather stuff. :( I've been using the past few days to panic over Delicious and read lots of Glee fic. I just need a chance to turn my brain off, you know? I feel like I'm always on on on, and I just need to power down and relax. Which I can't really do, because my boss is an idiot who doesn't know how to write a simple schedule, and that when I say, I can't work on Christmas Eve, it means I can't work on Christmas Eve. He also has the hots for my step-sister, but I don't want to think about that because it's icky and he's a creeper.

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Title: and when we wake from everything and nothing
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  500
Pairings: Eames/Arthur
Rating/Warnings: PG, post-limbo-ness, touch deprivation, angst, second person
Author's Note:  I wrote this after being ~inspired by [ profile] gyzym 's Inspiration meme on her journal - more specifically, by this photo, which is so completely heartrendingly beautiful, I can't even describe it. I in no way did it justice.  I don't think anyone could. My thanks to the anon who posted it.

Summary: Arthur wakes up from the nothingness, and Eames refuses to ever let him go again.

and when we wake from everything and nothing

He holds you like that's the only place he ever wants you to be, like you could drop him three levels down and he would still hold on, still grip you to him like he was the one who was lost for all those years. )


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Title: one hand over the other
Author: [ profile] snowdarkred 
Word Count:  ~1.6K
Pairings: Eames/Arthur
Rating/Warnings: PG
Author's Note:  Thanks go to [ profile] ravenclaw_wench  who slapped me over the head for some of my more obvious typos. This is a fill for the ever growing [ profile] inception_kink  meme, for the prompt: "Touch deprivation. Arthur is deprived of touch, Eames starts touching him all the time. Arthur doesn't understand why he allows it, or why he secretly even likes/needs it." I could not resist. :D And once again, I fail at writing porn for kink memes. *headdesk*

Summary: It wasn't as if his parents beat him or anything. They were perfectly cordial, in fact.

one hand over the other

Arthur was an asshole. Even he was surprised by the heights his asshole-ishness reached on occasion.  )


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I think...I think that sometimes I forget how stupid people are.

It's just: Between my friends, who are pretty much 'whatever makes you happy' about 97% of things, and all the wonderful people on LJ, I just I don't think about how fucking moronic and ignorant the average person is.

I hate people. I just, I do. They're fucking crazy and stupid and blind.

Okay, so we did a little bit on gender roles and gender identity and so on, and my teacher's painful hetronormative views aside - she's not being directly hateful, just oblivious - we watched a clip from the Today Show, about the boy who dressed up as Daphne for Halloween.

And during discussion, someone said, I shit you not, "It'd be okay for a boy to dress in girly stuff at home, but I wouldn't allow them to go out looking like that."

There was some other stuff too, like how boys wanting to dress as girls would 'grow out of it' and so on, and I desperately wanted to shout about how it didn't fucking matter whether it was a brief period or a permenent desire or what the fuck ever. If the kid wants to wear a fucking dress, s/he can wear a fucking dress.

I'm just so used to fandom being generally awesome about stuff like this. I mean, yeah, people put their foot in it, but here, on LJ and FF and DA and tumblr and all of our other ways to connect and talk and learn from each other, it's so much easier.

Y'all are wonderful, wonderful people, and I love you all. Don't ever leave me. ;_;

It does make me wonder, though, something that I think about from time to time: What would my life be like if I'd never found fandom? I got into fandom fairly young - I was about eleven/twelve-ish - and I just, y'know, grew up with it. Fandom is how I finally figured out why I have never in my life wanted to have sexual contact with anyone. I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting for that whole 'right person' bullshit, and you know what? That person is most likely not going to appear in my life because they don't exist. I mean, if I ever meet someone and all I can think is 'Jesus Christ, I want to bang them so hard' than fine. Okay. I'm cool with that. But at the moment, I don't think it's ever going to happen.

Without fandom, I can't think of a way that I would discover anything real about asexuality. I mean, there are two - two - identified asexuals on television, and one of them is Sheldon, for God's sake. There would be no way for me to find someone in the media and go, Huh, well that fits. And I don't even want to know what my psych class would say if I were to stand up and say, Hey, I'm asexual. I mean, it'd probably be something like 'Oh, you're broken; you'll get over it' or something. D:

I... came out? as an asexual in fandom and the reaction was 'Meh. Awesome for you. Now when are you going to finish that fucking story you owe us!' It's awesome.

So yeah. I  love you guys. And I am so fucking glad I found fandom because you make my life so much better. Thank the gods people like you exist.
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So, I finally picked a plot/idea for my Inception bigbang (OMG I AM SO LAME & LATE, WTF) and I want the title to be in French.

The problem is that I don't speak French.

So, my lovelies, if one of y'all would be so kind as to fess up to some French tongue (er, heh, ignore me) and translate this for me:

it's just a dream, darling, except for all the ways it isn't

PLEASE? I would love you forever and ever and write you fic? (Except that, well, it'd have to wait, because I am determined to churn out at least 10K by the middle of November, and boy, this is going to get interesting, isn't it?)

ETA: According to Google translate, "c'est juste un rêve, mon chéri, à l'exception de toutes les façons, il n'est pas" translates to "it's just a dream, my darling, except in every way, it is not" which is kinda close? IDK, I need help!!!!!


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